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Aquarius Musikindo is a Recording Company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the story began in the late 60s when music is involved mainly in Aquarius cassette recording / reproduction, and we have been active in the music industry ever since. xxxx Founded in 1969, Aquarius in cooperation with the radio network and form Pramaqua Geronimo in the era of the 1970s. Some of the albums released by Pramaqua include owned debut album God Bless and Warkop DKI. Aquarius Musikindo is stated in 1988 and now is one of the largest record company in Indonesia who produces music and entertainment. In addition to producing music in this country, we also been a manufacturer and authorized distributor for some of the album production WEA, EMI, JVC and PONYCANYON for Indonesia. In addition Aquarius is also the official distributor for the production of international albums EMI and SONY until the year 2001 as a business networking setting a record company in Indonesia that began in the decade of the 1990s. WEA cooperation with EMI expired in 1995 and in 1997. Currently Aquarius Musikindo a distributor for Warner Music Indonesia and for several record companies in Indonesia who are members of Aquarius Group, namely: Forte Records and POPS Music. Setted up shop at several strategic points in several cities, such as Jl. Mahakam (Jakarta), Pondok Indah (Jakarta), Dago (Bandung) and Sutomo (Surabaya), since 1995, they were also the representative music and one of the biggest in Indonesia. But the rampant piracy makes the physical album sales declined. One by one the record stores owned by Aquarius closed down, namely Aquarius Dago, Bandung in December 2009, follow with closing down of Aquarius Pondok Indah cassette shop, which was the largest record stores in Indonesia at that time, on August 25, 2010. Starting from a desire to aprreciation Aquarius to the copyrighted work of author / composer, will be established PT. AQUARIUS MUSIC PUBLISHING in 1993. In the only composer who happens to be the artist Aquarius wants to publish his songs. However, over time, and the more conscious songwriter / composer, until it's been a lot of his songs registered to PT. Aquarius Music Publishing. In 1998, PT. Aquarius Music Publishing changed its name to PT. AQUARIUS PUSTAKA MUSIK. This change occurs because the current government regulations that prohibit the company name in a foreign language. Alamat : Jalan Batu Tulis 13 No. 17, Jakarta Pusat 10120 Rules Delivery Demo
  • Send your demo songs (not the original master) at least 5 songs in Bahasa Indonesia. English may be, but the main 5 tracks have Indonesian language.
  • Send profile band (the band included additional player if any, short stories about the band, the type of music, performance, etc.)
  • Send the band's latest photos
  • Include the name and contact number to call
  • Each demo that is sent to AQUARIUS will not be returned (demo which was sent can not be held / pulled back)
  • Demo who pass the selection in AQUARIUS will be contacted directly by AQUARIUS
Delivery addressed to the A & R DEPARTMENT with the same address as above (Attn : A&R Division)
Current Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Press Contact +62 21 3807236
Twitter : @aquariusmusik
Facebook : aquariusmusik
Youtube : Youtube/aqmvideo