Frequently Asked Questions

Getting To Know About AQM

Rules Delivery Demo

Demo Song

Send your demo songs (not the original master) at least 5 songs in Bahasa Indonesia. English may be, but the main 5 tracks have Indonesian language. Send profile band (the band included additional player if any, short stories about the band, the type of music, performance, etc.)

Send the band's latest photos include the name and contact number to call

Demo Terms and Conditions
  • Each demo that is sent to AQUARIUS will not be returned (demo which was sent can not be held / pulled back)
  • Demo who pass the selection in AQUARIUS will be contacted directly by AQUARIUS
  • Delivery addressed to the A & R DEPARTMENT with the same address as above (Attn : A&R Division)
  • Current Location Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Press Contact: +62 21 3807236
  • Twitter : @aquariusmusik
  • Facebook : aquariusmusik
  • Youtube : Youtube/aqmvideo